Our Approach

Our values drive the way we do business

one team

We are a diverse group of people who believe in collaboration, integrity, transparency, respect and trust.


We maintain a lean structure to remain agile and make decision quickly. Our hands-on team possesses business savviness and only gets involved when it can add value.


We are serious about our business, its people and delivering long-term value. We strive to provide our people the resources and support they need to win and achieve success.

We partner up with entrepreneurs and managers who want to bring their venture to the next level.

We are not constrained by a specific time horizon, we aim at creating fast but sustainable value.

We only invest in projects and companies in which we know we can add value.

Our investment philosophy is based on three pillars:

Disciplined Citeria
Strong Partnership

Our prioritized sectors of expertise:

Rail & Transport

Industrial technology (incl. software)

Professional services

Manufacturing & Industrial

Distribution & Logistics

Real Estate

Preferred Geographies

Canada (primarily Quebec and Ontario)

U.S. (primarily East Coast)

Targeted Company Size

Enterprise value from $5M to $100M

EBITDA from $1M to $10M

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